Terms and Conditions

We will not sell our rabbits to anyone that is under the age of 18 years old, unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Abilities And Temperament.

I do not guarantee any rabbits ability to be shown/bred/a pet. I can not guarantee a rabbits show success, production or how it will mature.

While we can guarantee that all bunnies are handled regularly. All kits are handled from birth and exposed to noise, other animals, kids and every day life. I can not guarantee that your bunny will adapt to your environment, but I am open to offering support and advice in ways to help them adapt. I can also refer you to some groups on Facebook, who may be having similar experiences and share their successes.

Right to refuse sale.

It is extremely important to me that our bunnies go to the best of homes where we know they will be looked after and treasured as part of your family. We hold the right to refuse any bunny adoption, where we do not find that you and the bunny you are interested in suit. Also, if you find that you are not able to keep your bunny, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If your rabbit is of sound health we can possibly take your bunny back and find it a new home or give it a home in our rabbitry. We do NOT want any of our bunnies to end up in rescues/shelters. No refunds or replacements will be given, but every effort will be made to find the best placement for your bunny.

Non-Refundable Deposit To Reserve – No Deposit, No Adoption.

Our kits will be available to reserve at 4/6 weeks of age, once gender has been determined. In order to reserve a bunny a 50% non-refundable deposit will secure the bunny you are after. Bunnies will not be reserved without a deposit. A 50% Non-refundable deposit is payable via credit card at the time of reservation. Deposits are Non-Refundable. Once your bunny leaves our rabbitry there will be no refunds or replacements. In some cases you may not be able to choose the bunny you are so very eager to put a deposit down for, because we may retain kits from the litter to improve the type in our breeding programs.

Please do not reserve our bunnies until you are 100% sure and ready to make the commitment and happy with the bunny you have chosen. There will be No Swapping. If you decide you want a different bunny, your deposit will be forfeited and will require another deposit to reserve your new choice of bunny.


Please arrange a day and time with us for the collection of your new bunny no later than 5 days after their Leave Date. Bunnies not collected within the 5 days of their collection date will incur a bunny boarding fee of $5.00 per day (this will cover food, bedding and our time). Collection will take place in Leopold, Geelong. Kits will not be available for collection until they are 10 weeks of age and until I am completely happy that they are ready to leave for their new home. All of our kits will go to their new homes, health checked, teeth checked, nails trimmed, litter trained (you must keep the training up once you get them settled into their new environment) worm, mite and parasite treated, a kilo bag of quality rabbit pellet mix (also sold here), small bag of oaten hay and a lifetime of breeders support. Please bring a suitable carrier to transport your new bunny home. If you are after interstate transport for your bunny, please let me know so we can organise this at reservation of your bunny.

Non Collection of Your Bunny. If your bunny is not collected on the agreed time and day, and their is no communication as to why, you risk losing your deposit and the bunny being readvertised.

Our Bunnies Wellbeing.

We are responsible for our rabbits health and wellbeing when in our care. Before a bunny leaves for their new homes, we provide a health and wellbeing check in front of the new owners to ensure the bunny is fit and of sound health. You are also responsible for checking that your new bunny is healthy to leave too. This will include confirming the condition of bunny’s eyes, nose, teeth, nails, ears, coat and gender. Once a bunny leaves my care you become solely responsible for the bunnies health and well being. Any problems that may arise down the track are not my responsibility to resolve are not my responsibility, this includes vet bills. If you need any advice on when you think something isn’t right with your bunny, I am happy to guide you. But when in doubt please don’t hesitate to call your vet immediately. Please consider a pet insurance to help with any emergencies.

We Are A Closed Rabbitry.

Unfortunately for anyone interested in our bunnies , due to the extremely high risks of RHDV/Calici Virus, their will be no viewings of our bunnies. Though there will be photos in the adoptions tab. By visiting our social media pages you will also find more photos and videos. No body comes into our rabbitry other than my family and all new bunnies joining our rabbitry are kept under strict quarantine before being exposed to our bunny family. This ensures the health of all our bunnies. Our bunnies welfare is our priority and they come first, so please understand why we need to keep it a closed rabbitry.