Bunnies are available with a 50% holding deposit once genders have been determined between 4-6 weeks of age. They are then available for pick up from 10 weeks of age. Our ‘Rabbit Pick-up Day’ is held on Fridays.


All of our precious bunnies will head home to their new families with a 16 page Care Guide, with all necessary information on owning a bunny, their dietary needs, how to settle them into their new surroundings, housing and so much more.


Our bunnies come health checked in our rabbitry and mite, worm and parasite treated as a preventative with Revolution and Panacur25. They also have their nails trimmed and a kilo bag of transitional feed for you that we produce here, to take home. Make sure to bring a travel-safe pet carrier to take your rabbit home in.


We are quite happy to teach you how to trim your bunnies nails and also can show you the gender at pick up.


We offer a lifetime of breeder support to you and your new bunny.


Head on over to our Shop page to get your paws on a must-have starter kit, as well as food, hay and a range of fantastic enrichment items.


Mini Lop

Colour: Black

Gender: Buck

D.O.B: 20/12/2021

Our bunnies are well handled and are very used to our other pets and children. Looking for his new family to join.

She does have one ear that will not lop and is a reduced price.

She is extremely friendly and would make a great pet for someone.

Please remember that rabbits are a 10 year commitment, they are also not a “child’s first pet”. They are complicated little creatures and you do need to do your research on the breed before bringing one of our rabbits into your home. All in all, they will be your friend for life.

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When looking into and researching your new bunny before its arrival home. Please understand if you are looking to introduce a pair of bunnies into your life, that there are a few things you should know first….

  • A pair of bunnies is only possible when a desexed doe/female and a desexed buck/male combination is paired together. The same gender combinations will fight, maybe not while they are young kits, but when they hit sexual maturity anywhere between 3-6 months.
  • Be wise and make sure you visit a rabbit savvy vet to organize your bunnies’ desexing operation. This is advised between 4-6 months of age depending on your vet.
  • By desexing your bunny, you are ensuring that their temperament is calm and reduces their natural instinct to spray and become territorial. This also obviously stops any unwanted litters and disease in the uterus of a female bunny.