About Raggamuffin Rabbitry

Hello, my name is Simone. My family and I are a small Rabbitry with our prefix registered with ANRCI and are active members of RGRF, NCRC & RBAV. We are focused on breeding true to type, purebred Mini Lops and we are also starting out in our Netherland Dwarfs, Sables & Smoke Pearls. We follow the BRC guidelines, focusing on shaded, Self’s and Tans. We are located in the Geelong, Victorian region.  Our children are very much involved in the rabbitry, from helping with feeding, cleaning and showing to learning the genetics and breeding programs.

We pride ourselves on choosing the best bunnies possible with; fantastic temperaments, size, type & personality, to join our family here at Raggamuffin Rabbitry. Enhancing the quality of bunnies produced here. All of our bunnies have their own individual personalities. They are all very friendly bunnies and I would never breed from a bunny that wasn’t. We do not profit from our bunnies, all money goes straight back into the upkeep, health and care of our bunnies to give them the best quality of life. We also have a shop on our website with feed, hutches and a variety of enrichment toys for your rabbits. Our shops proceeds also goes directly back into our rabbitry.  A lot of time, and I mean A LOT of time goes into our beautiful rabbits. We absolutely treasure them; they are just an extended part of our family.

All litters are carefully watched and weighed as they grow and recorded for their health records. This allows me to watch that every kit is doing well and if not then to improvise with extra feeding off mum or supplemented. All kits are handled from birth, allowing them to adjust to human interaction and become their loving little social selves. Our bunnies actively have a decent run outside most days, unless weather is of extreme heat or is pouring down with rain, they love their outdoor time. All our bunnies are very much a part of our family and we strongly believe in quality over quantity and putting the health and welfare of our bunnies above anything.